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We had many reasons for wanting to start our own IP practice, but something we wanted to do right from the beginning was to build an ethical and responsible business with philanthropy right at the heart of it. We do this by giving a percentage of our time and our profits to good causes.
Solo inventors and very small businesses
We understand that the costs of hiring a qualified patent attorney can seem daunting to solo inventors, academics and unfinanced start-ups, yet we know from experience that bad decisions at the outset can be fatal when it comes to securing strong IP later on. We have worked work with solo inventors, academics and unfinanced start-ups offering free of charge advice and IP support to help get it right from the start. 
Charities we support
Starting our own IP practice gave us an opportunity to direct some of our profit towards causes we are passionate about. We have elected to support two worthy charities - Act4Africa and Against Malaria Foundation – who do amazing work, and we have committed to donate a percentage of our annual profit to these organisations.
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Act4Africa is a locally based health and education charity. They believe gender inequality is a fundamental obstacle to eradicating poverty and achieving economic and social development. Act4Africa runs programmes aimed at combating poverty and stigma, and provides HIV/AIDS and sexual health awareness training and testing. They operate in Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi and are a small charity having a big impact, click here to find out more.
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The Against Malaria Foundation protects people from malaria. 100% of public donations buys long-lasting insecticidal nets, which the Foundation ensures are distributed and used. There is a huge need for more nets, and the gap for the next few years runs into tens of millions of nets. The statistics are clear - nets work and for every 100-1,000 put over heads and beds, one child doesn't die. Every single net matters. Click here to find out more.
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